frequently asked questions

about Fu-turismo

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon (a word created from "hack" and "marathon") is a collaborative solution development event. The goal of a hackathon is to find useful, creative or entertaining solutions to given problems together within the duration of this event. Participants in hackathons usually come from different areas and often work on their projects in cross-functional teams.

How does an online hackathon work?

Our hackathon takes place exclusively online. We provide the appropriate tools so that you can develop solutions together online. We use Slack as the communication platform for the teams and many video conferencing systems for live webinars, Q&A sessions and the daily check-ins. Detailed technical instructions and access to the individual tools will be sent to you in time.

What are the topics of Fu-turismo?

Fu-turismo has thematic areas you can find on our website. Each thematic area presents one or more opportunities (available starting from 25.09.2020) to engage in. Participants will decide which opportunity to explore for producing their ideas. A team can choose only one opportunity to work on and submit the idea after 24 hours.

When does the Fu-Turismo Hackathon take place?

The online hackathon will take place on the weekend of 3rd to 4th October. Together with your team, you have 24 hours to build a solution to tackle the future of Tourism in Ticino. We start on Saturday at 11.00 with an online kick-off event and end the hackathon on Sunday at 11:00 with an online closing ceremony.

How many people can participate?

The number of participants in Fu-turismo is unlimited. The minimum number of participants per team is 3 and the maximum is limited to 8, for facilitating group work.

Are there participation requirements?

There are generally no requirements to participate in the Fu-Turismo Online Hackathon. We are looking for programmers, designers, creative people, problem solvers and socially committed citizens. Use your interdisciplinarity and be creative together to develop solutions that shape the future of tourism in Ticino. Since this hackathon is virtual, you need internet access and an email address.

registration and participation

Can I register as a team?

Yeah, that works. Make sure you know the email addresses of all your team members before you sign up. In the registration form, you have the possibility to enter the email addresses of your team members and the name of your team. This will then be taken into account when putting together the team.

Can I also register alone? How do I then find a suitable team?

Yes, you can subscribe for the hackathon as a single person and you will find a team, based on your language preferences, type of person and theme interests. You are then invited to join a team-building session to get to know your peers. In case you are not happy with the team assignment, we will support you in changing your team.

Are there any costs for me?

The participation in Fu-turismo is free of charge.

Do I have to speak English to participate?

The moderation and how-to sessions will be held in Italian and English. It is preferable for you to understand English and/or Italian, or have someone at your side who can help you with the languages. You can submit your idea in Italian or English.

Why do you need my location?

We are aiming at having people from all linguistic and geographic Swiss regions participating, therefore we would like to just have a small statistical data on the participants’ location (if in Ticino or somewhere else). Only anonymised data will be further used.

I did not receive a welcome email!

We are sending welcome emails once per day. In case you didn’t get one 24 hrs after subscription, please fill out the contact form.

Is it a competition? If so, what is there to win?

We welcome all initiatives and projects. All ideas are of equal value. We will choose 4 highlights projects which will be determined by our jury. We reserve the right to support these 4 projects also with a small financial contribution. Equally valuable will be the support after the hack: Mentors, investors, contacts etc.

What happens with the results afterwards?

The aim is that the results will be practically used after the hackathon to support Ticino’s Tourism in the future. To make sure that your prototypes become viable solutions after the hackathon, we are currently setting up a post-event program.

What happens with the data of my solution once submitted?

As we are all trying to facilitate a future positive impact on the tourism sector through collective intelligence, we expect you to provide open-source information, so, in case you don’t want to personally continue with your idea, someone else could. You just need to hand over your ideas to others.

support / mentoring

Will we get support during the hackathon?

Throughout the hackathon, you and your team will have our mentors at your side. They are experts in a specific topic and will support you with their feedback and knowledge during the 24 hours in several check-ins and on-demand.

What do I have to do as a Mentor?

Each team will have easy access to multiple mentors over the 24 hours. You, as a mentor, must be available to reply and support upon requests coming from teams in a specific Slack channel. If you are willing to participate as a Mentor, please fill this form and our team will reach out to you.

How much time is required as a Mentor?

During the hack (24h) approx. 2h to 4h per shift. This is an assumption and depends strongly on the number of mentors and teams. There is also the possibility for some mentors to accompany the projects in the implementation phase after the hackathon.

Will my time as a Mentor be compensated?

We want to support all teams in the best possible way. Financially, we focus our resources primarily on supporting the most promising ideas. The whole organising team is working pro-bono during the hackathon. We hope the mentors will choose the same. In general, the purpose and the positive contribution should motivate you enough for becoming a Fu-turismo Mentor.

What is a How-to session?

A How-to session is a short live session with inputs from experts/volunteers on various topics. For example how to create a short video or how to fill out a canvas. The how-to live sessions will be available through Zoom (or any other video conferencing tool) both in Italian and English.