hackathon program

Participants, mentors and experts compete in a 24-hour marathon to quickly co-generate ideas - hackathon, often also called ideathon - on the future of tourism in Ticino.

The closing ceremony will be on YouTube streaming at 12:00, Sunday 4 October.

2nd October 2020

Participants entering Slack


All participants will receive the invitation for access to the collaborative digital environment. They will have time to define teams and to practice digital tools before the ideathon starts. A series of video tutorials will be made available.

3rd October 2020

Team status check

08:30 → 09:30

Optional live streaming session to check the status of the teams before the opening ceremony. Support to participants for the final registration of their teams.

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Final team registration


Deadline for the final registration of teams that have formed during team building activities. The link for the registration will be shared in Slack.

Opening ceremony

11:00 → 11:45

Ceremony that starts the hackathon activities. Inspiring and encouraging interventions are planned. Julie Arlin will conduct the ceremony.

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Psychological safety in teams

12:45 → 13:15

Introduction to practices to quickly generate a strong awareness in the team and avoid typical mistakes in collaboration. Optional live streaming session.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

14:45 → 15:15

Illustration of the SDGs and their meaning. Suggestions on how to link them to the project/idea. Optional live streaming session.

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From SDGs to the Theory of Change

16:45 → 17:15

How to build a solid framework for project management. The IOOI (Input, Output, Outcomes, Impact) or Logical Framework. Practical examples and resources. Optional live streaming session.

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Explaining an idea clearly

18:45 → 19:15

Identify the best way to tell a project idea in a clear way and in a short time. Optional live streaming session.

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How to submit the project at the end of Fu-turismo

20:45 → 21:15

Live streaming session. Deepening the activities and information necessary to produce the two deliverables to be delivered.

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4th October 2020

On-line autogenic training

07:30 → 08:00

Exercises that promote relaxation and recovery of calm useful to prepare for final sprint before the delivery of the projects.

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Check-in and status update

9:30 → 10:00

Live streaming to take picture of the progress of the works. We will meet with representatives of the teams and the organisation.

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Official closing of Fu-turismo

12:00 → 12:45

Ceremony at the end of the activities. Julie Arlin will interview some participants, mentors and experts to sum up the hackathon.

Attend the ceremony (Airmeet)

Project submission


Deadline for submitting projects.